Digital Presence Business Units

The following are our brand partners and digital presence services sites. Visit the sites below to acquire the services.


All the things to create your online digital presence is here. Domains, Hostings, Servers, SSL Certificates, Online Stores, Emails and much more.


HOSS is the acronym for Harimau Online Speciality Stores, a network of speciality e-commerce stores which are managed and fulliled in-house. HOSS offers an e-income oportunity for Malaysian.


Create an e-commerce sales funnel site and push conversions from your social media accounts and messaging apps with ease.


Bespoke internet presence developer, manager and housekeeper since 2000. Clients in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE, South Africa, UK, USA and Canada. - expedited shipping to selected destination.

What We Do ...


Academic excellence comes from the processing of knowledge and the instilling of wisdom. All facilitated by hands-on educators. These are served by our education business units.

Global Trade

Selling online facilitates and enables cross border trades. It makes inter border trade a whole lot easier too. We operate several e-commerce stores serving USA, UK, EU nations and select Middle East markets.

Digital Presence

We plan, develop, deploy and maintain bespoke internet sites & presences, PWAs, e-commerce stores, e-selling solution and e-income opportunities for communities and businesses globally.


Our food lab and kitchen are developing and cooking something that is earmarked for market preparedness by early to mid 2021. These food business units will take the venture to another level.